Thank you for buying your Bluetooth lamp!
Downloading and installing the Eurodomest app for controlling the Bluetooth lamp with your smartphone or tablet is easy. Just follow the steps to download the app, and you’re ready to control your Bluetooth lamp.


This video and the illustrations show how the app works after installation on your phone or tablet.



No connection with the Bluetooth lamp?

Follow the steps below:

  • Step 1. Make sure the Bluetooth functionality of the device is enabled
  • Step 2. Make sure the lamp is switched on
  • Step 3. Make sure that you are within 10 meters from the lamp
  • Step 4. Make sure no other device is connected to the lamp
  • Step 5. Open the app and wait 10 seconds

If this was unsuccessful, try one of the following steps:

  1. Step 1. Switch the lamp off completely
  2. Step 2. Close the app and/or check for updates
  3. Step 3. Disable and re-enable the Bluetooth functionality of the device
  4. Step 4. Restart the app
  5. Step 5. Switch on the lamp


Is internet access necessary for using the lamp?

As the name suggests, the Bluetooth lamp uses Bluetooth. Therefore, no internet or Wi-Fi connection is necessary. You can use the lamp anywhere inside the building.

Is there a manual for using the app?

Under “How does the app work?” on this page, you can find a short video and illustrations instructing you in the use of the app.

Does the lamp automatically connect to my phone or tablet?

The lamp automatically connects to your phone or tablet, provided that no connection with another device is active. However, it is necessary that your device was previously connected to the lamp.

What is the maximum distance for controlling the lamp?

The maximum distance for controlling your Bluetooth lamp is 10 meters, but it can be affected by the surroundings.

Can I switch on the lamp without a phone or tablet?

You can switch the Bluetooth lamp on and off using a regular switch. So you do not need a phone or tablet. However, if you want to change the colour or the intensity, you do need a device with the Eurodomest app installed on it.

Does the lamp work with a dimmer that I already have?

You cannot control the Bluetooth lamp with a regular dimmer. One of the advantages of the lamp is that it does not need a dimmer, because you can dim it with the Eurodomest app.

How many lamps can I control with my app?

Theoretically, you can use the app to control an infinite number of lamps. However, the Bluetooth system limits the number to 100. All Bluetooth lamps can connect to a Bluetooth device. Using the app, you can simultaneously control lamps that were previously detected by the device. This way, you can connect 5 lamps to the device, group them in a ‘scene’ and control them simultaneously.

In which socket does the Bluetooth lamp fit?

The only available socket for the Bluetooth lamp is E27, which is the larger standard size.


How long is my warranty period?

The legal warranty period of the Bluetooth lamp expires 2 years after purchase. Please keep the receipt, so that you can easily make a claim under your warranty in case of a technical defect of the lamp. In case the lamp does not work properly, please check first if your problem can be resolved here. If it cannot be resolved, please take the lamp back to the store where you bought it, and show the receipt.